Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Rapist's Psyche

I sit in the corner of that bar, eyes all open and a hazy mind,
Fathoming the pleasures of that lady under the neon light,
My eyes wander on her everything - face, breast and behind,
Oh!! I am all turned on by her very sight.

I stand up and make a move, all smiles and scotch and say hello,
She looks at me then turns her gaze and cracks a muffled jest,
I try smiling with my perished manliness, move away and take a vow,
To rape this lady, to rape her ego, to punish, to teach, to molest.

I am the imparter of justice, so I wait for her in the deep parking lot,
My nails are claws, eyes are now green, a monster I am now,
I see her coming with that wry smile, guess it’s the end of my sexual drought,
And she is close, she is closer, and she passes me that glance, seductive, inviting, wow.

I grab her wrist, she kicks my balls, I yell a deafening shout,
I see her running away as I wobble, then walk and then run,
And grab her back and drag her back to the spot where my fancies sprout,
But she bites my hands, she scratches my face, she struggles as I relish the fun.

She has stopped moving now; I punched her thrice in the face,
I pour my manliness inside her and  pass with a content mood,
The scruples? Yes they are questioning me but I love the lust embrace,
I dress up and leave her there to die, now that I am hungry for some food

Yes they caught me the next day and fired their stupid inquiries
But I smirk in this seventh year of my trial as I reminisce
They were happy, another case registered, another testimonial in their diaries
I am happy too as I dress up for the party this night, after seven years I again want to relish that bliss

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