Sunday, November 29, 2009

The IT fallacy!!!

Alrite, I take this opportunity of telling everyone that this blog is not meant to de motivate anybody. If you belong to those kinds that base their decisions on Online Articles, this is not at all meant for you. You should probably go for Software Engineering by Roger S Pressman That would be an interesting read.

Yeah, so it emanates in my neighborhood when I overheard two ladies talking. I was returning from my regular Cricket cameo and I was ashamed at this fact that I was hit for 5 fours in an over, the last one being a six and the captain told me to play the Umpire from next game. I was checking my belly, there was no hint of it transforming into a protruding paunch, so why am I supposed to be an umpire. My honest thoughts were disturbed by the talks of two elderly ladies who were talking about one of the girls in the colony getting married to an IT Guy.
Marriages and marriage related talks comprise the major chunk of feminine talks. But whatever I could deduce was that an IT guy is almost a god who earns in millions, lives the lives of nawaabs and never thinks before spending. To a class seventh student, hailing from a small town middle class family, it was more than “Just an Inspiration”. “I can not be a Tendulkar, but can strive hard to become a Bill Gates”, I said to myself. For Indians, as Bata is to shoes, Mr. Gates was for Computers and I am an Indian so very true to the core.
Years passed and every year I tried harder to get into the shoes of Mr. Gates. I was into engineering, Bachelor of Technology in Computer Sciences and Engineering to be precise. The B.Tech course comes with a security tag, that even if you do not know what the word “Technology” means, you’ll always end up in a technical profile. I was an IT Guy now, the man of my dreams. Every father’s pride, every mother’s delight, every neighbor’s envy and yeah the dream man of every beautiful girl. It’s always a great feeling when you start earning on your own.

Entire life, your parents pay for your education, food, clothes and all other basic necessities of your life and in turn take decisions for you, a puny return on their investments and decision making anyways is nothing that bothers an average person who is pursuing the course of his dreams. After you step into “I live on my own” world, the algorithm becomes a little different. You can now take your decisions but then you have to pay all your expenses. The puny return becomes a hefty investment and you get to see the “IT Fallacy” in its true form.

Salary account, yeah the Treasure chest that opens once a month to intake the rewards that we do for the 30(28 or 29 or 31) days empties like a sand glass with a mammoth bore. And since we IT Guys are a bit hi-fi, we always link our accounts with our mobile phones that makes sure that everyday we get a notification of how poor we have become? We work hard and we party harder, but the truth is that the party is mostly out of frustration. I have friends and who start their months with Blue labels and end with 8 PMs, but yeah partying spirit is always there.

Take the IT Guys out of the world most of the Thekaa(Wine Shops) owners in Gurgaon, Noida, Delhi ( and Pune and Mumbai and Bangalore etc) might well start posting their resumes on See we IT Guys are not job seekers but job providers. We manage to get a smile from all cigarette shop around, the owners might not know our names, but for them we are “Milds”, “Lights”, “Regulars” and “Strong” brothers. Leave aside the MBA Comrades; we are the true brand managers.

So the Richie Riches(us), wear branded clothes, smoke expensive cigarettes, drink high class alcohol and party in best possible places but always in an insecure state of mind. And the work part, while the developers develop into glorified typists over a period of time, testers become ruthless critics, both trying to outdo each other. Project deadlines, Release dates, Phase-I, Phase-II, Phase-III, while all religions focus on totality, we live our lives in Modules(Can’t help using a technical word). We live a Monday to Friday, This release to that release, Phase-I to Phase-II life. And in between the phases we have cut-throat competitions for appraisals, Promotions and Bonuses.
Marriage, well, that’s an institution that every one has to register with and with that comes a new set of responsibilities. A bachelor can still live in a shady apartment with broken furniture and can use Auto Rickshaws as his Mercedes but a married man can not. So we surrender ourselves to the ravenous wolves (banks) who give us money to quench our short term thirst, but they surely dehydrate the rest of our life with the EMIs. So for an ordinary IT Guy after paying his Home Loan EMI, Car Loan EMI, Personal loan( for every conceivable object under the sun) EMI, his new born baby might well be crying for his nappies. Precisely that is the reason why, we guys bald quickly than anyone else.

Yeah, but we are politically, socially and technically aware mass. We know how to operate the computer, the queer most machine invented by the human being with utmost precision. We have brought the globe at the click of a mouse button. We have brought a whole new revolution to this world and have made it a better place to live. I have full respect for my Banker, Lawyer and government employee friends but we are atleast doing something better than counting someone else’s money, arguing on someone else’s behalf and discussing cricket matches in office hours.