Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Fri“GAY” Night

Yeah, so it dawned on one of us that we must go to a Discotheque tonight. Friday, night the end of a stressful week and also the first Friday of the month which ensures our pockets are all stuffed with notes. All my friends used to talk about Gurgaon night life and I ruled them over by saying Night Life is only for the call center guys who have no other option but to live this so called rock star’s life.

Probably I never wanted to be a part of the youth brigade that sips beer and taps feet on wild music in closed rooms with flash lights going on and off every alternate wink. But yeah, I was game enough to be a part of my room mate’s decision.
And it started with a beer marathon at our place. We discussed work and our future prospects in the first round. The Second round was dedicated to all the hot chicks in every conceivable place under the sun. In third round, we started calling up our college friends and talking all non sense with them. That was an alarm for us that the alcohol has made its way to our cerebrum. We still completed our fourth round and set off for the Disc. 

I have been single all through my life, probably because there is absolutely no room for inspiration. I always belonged to an all male groups where no body had a girl friend. My present room mates are all single and try at every girl who have their eyes and ears at proper places but fail without a fail. And, I work in an all Male team at my office too. So While we were speeding to the destination, our chief talks were girls, how to approach them, how to convince them for a dance and how to god knows what?

The Discotheques are weird places, they allow couples to enter for free and charge money from the single ones. Algorithm is all weird, we are the ones who need partners so we should be encouraged but here they encourage the already engaged ones. Anyways, we could have broken the rules by trespassing, but the sheer size of the bouncers prevented us from even thinking that. And we entered and flocked at a common place.
There was this person in our group who made us realize that we are not drunk enough to approach a girl. And I don’t know why but we agreed to him. Solution, drink more and we started drinking again at almost four times the price that we could have got from a local shop. After 2 Pints of beers I resigned and so did everyone. The chain initiator however stayed till 4 pints. 
Now, five already drunk guys who drank again to an extent that their feet weren’t able to support them standing, started dancing. I felt like standing still, and felt everything else trembling. But then realized after some time that I was the one dancing. I have been a terrible dancer through out my life. I tried my hands at dandiya once, but the girl stopped talking to me after that. It was only after four days, I came to know that I hit her finger multiple times that night.

Anyways, The Alcohol started its magic and I started mine too. “Atul Mishra, here” would you dance with me, lamest of all pick up lines but they were working. Girls were actually coming up to dance with me. I tried to wear the smartest of expressions on my face and they were working. Almost all the girls, I approached agreed to dance with me. I felt like a stud and thought of making my friends a little jealous and turned towards them and introduce them to the new refined version of Atul Mishra. But to my shock I realized, all of them were dancing with girls, piping hot all of them. I was surprised and then thought this is one lucky Friday. I kept dancing with the hottest girl that I found for half an hour. And then I thought of exchanging numbers with her. 

“Buy me a Tequila first”, the girl said. “Sure” I said. “Hey Wait, what did you say?” I asked again. “I said buy me a Tequila first”, she replied. The Voice was too husky for a woman wand was relatively shrill for a man. I was bewildered. I talked to her again to make sure that my conclusion, and GOD I was correct. I was dancing with a half male from half an hour. Then I thought I should talk to all the girls I came across and Yeah, all of them were what I guessed.

I was now sure that my friends were sailing in the same boat. I went to each of them and talked to their partners. And Yes, all of them were GAY and happy. Now, I went to the one of the Bouncers and asked what the matter is and here is what I came to know.

The Delhi High Court has passed a historic verdict by legalizing consensual homosexuality.It was an all GAY night and they were celebrating their victory. Good for them, I thought but could it be any worse for us.All the alcohol was gone in a minute and we were laughing at each other. Probably I never wanted to be a part of the youth brigade that sips beer and taps feet on wild music in closed rooms with flash lights going on and off every alternate wink. Probably, I was right.